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Welcome to MySportsArsenal.com, home of the Titanium Twisters brand!  The Titanium Twisters brand is unique to only our company, so don't be fooled by any competitors using our brand name. We created the brand Titanium Twisters and own the TitaniumTwisters.com domain. Our titanium infused sports rope is high quality and is made specifically for our company.  Our titanium infused nylon rope has the wording "Titanium Twisters" on it, which differs from the "Titanium Sports" wording that you'll see on many of the cheaper knock-offs in the market.  Every necklace, bracelet, or anklet that you order through our website is hand-assembled here in the USA and is customized specific to your design.  There are other websites that offer some customizing options, but we are by far the industry leader in this regard.  We offer 4 styles (single-strand, double-strand twisted, triple-strand braided, and our own unique Quad-strand braided), over 50 rope colors, 8 necklace sizes (ranging from 15" Kiddie size to 26" The Big One), 7 bracelet sizes, and 6 anklet sizes.  Our single-strand and triple-strand styles also give you the option of a high quality magnetic clasp.  Use our customizer tool to create your own masterpiece and we will assemble and have it in the mail within 2 business days!  All of our products come to you in full retail packaging, which consists of clear plastic tubing, black vinyl end caps, and a retail Titanium Twisters label. 

We are a small US company that was founded by softball and baseball players with a great love for sports, so our focus has been on creating a product that we ourselves would proudly wear on the sports field.  We pride ourselves in making a very high quality product, but at half the cost of brands like Phiten and with customizing options that blow the competition away!  Other companies, like Phiten, offer customizing options, but charge $40 to $60 and take a few weeks to assemble and mail to you.  Some of these companies are not US companies and actually get their products from other countries. Every one of our products is assembled here in the USA! So go hop on our Necklace Customizer Tool and create your own custom titanium necklace today!