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Website or Ordering Problems?

Are you having difficulty with an area of the website or the checkout process? We strive to present an easy-to-use and efficient website experience, but as with all advanced websites (like ours), sometimes the unexpected can happen.  While our website does not currently use any Flash components, it does take advantage of extensive javascript and modern-day image techniques.  This is a cinch for today's web browsers, but older browsers like Internet Explorer 6 or 7 have definitely voiced some complaints here and there.

The first thing we'd recommend is to try visiting the website using a different web browser in order to see if the problem lies with the browser itself, or if there is something wrong on our end.  You can install another web browser alongside your main one, you don't even have to replace it.  On PC's, the website runs best in Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, but will also work in Internet Explorer 9.  One thing to note if you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you do *not* use Compatibility View when visiting, since our website is already written for compatibility.

JavaScript is not required to use the various functions of the website, however if you have it enabled you will be able to do things much more quickly and easily.  The product color/style customizer, for example, is about 8x faster when you have JavaScript enabled.

This website uses cookies to keep track of your display preferences, shopping cart, and account login.  We currently have no ads on our website and will never engage in the unethical practice of selling or giving out your information to third-parties.  We also do not keep sensitive or any financial information about our customers and website visitors.

If you are having difficulty placing a large order and receive an error message during checkout, please contact us.  Your order and customized items are not lost, allowing us to find out what the problem was and continue checkout where you left off.

Please do not hesitate to report any problems or ask any questions you might have.  You may call Robert directly at (801)556-3335, use the "Contact Us" feature, or email us directly at service@mysportsarsenal.com